Anmeldeschluss für die Bundesbeteiligung:  30.09.2020
Anmeldeschluss für die internationale Teilnahme:  30.09.2020

Woodtech Africa 2020 VIRTUAL EXPO

Bioenergie, Holzverarbeitung
02. - 06. November
Nairobi, Kenia
Anmeldeschluss für die Bundesbeteiligung: 30.09.2020
Anmeldeschluss für die internationale Teilnahme: 30.09.2020

Die Veranstaltung

We are glad to invite you to participate at Woodtech Africa Virtual Expo focusing on African countries.


• Safest way to bring all stakeholders under one roof.
• It is Cost-Effective
• No time bound in Virtual Expo
• It enhances Customer Experience
• Easy Data Management
• Exporters & Buyers in one platform
• Effective to raise brand value & generate awareness.
• Varied technical Features

Woodtech Africa is one of the finest exhibition for Wood working machinery, Furniture hardware & fittings, Power tools, Adhesives, Plywood & panels, Laminates, Flooring, Wood composites, Partical boards, Raw materials, Coatings, Veneers, Timber & lumber, Doors & windows and more products. Woodtech Africa delivers valuable partnership for the Wood and Woodworking industries where demands and solutions meet at one platform Significantly for Exhibitors the show offers an important platform to target Furniture manufacturers, Architects, Builders, interior decorators, saw millers, Timber merchants, Wood makers, Carpenters, Hardware, Dealers & Distributors, Plywood, Partial Boards, Manufacturers, Wood based products, Craftsmen, Forests officials, and Doors & windows manufacturers.

Der Markt

The east African economies consume US $1.2 billion worth of furniture annually, of which 22 percent is imported. Since growth is driven by growing urban populations and purchasing power, growth prospects are favourable, and Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda are likely to remain the dominant furniture markets. Kenya is the largest market for furniture in east Africa. It is also the largest producer of furniture manufacturing twice as much as Ethiopia, the next biggest market. Kenya is a Largest market for Particle board, Gypsum board, MDF board & Plywood. The demand of furniture has been growing some 10% per year.Kenya and East Africa has a very big market for laminate products.In Kenya plywood mills consume 15 percent of industrial wood available for furniture, and they produce plywood, MDF, particle board, block board, and veneer. These mills sell predominantly to the formal industry and use pine and cypress as raw material, with knots and timber structure limiting the visual quality of plywood. Kenya emerged the third most preferred real estate investment destination globally for the super-rich after the UK and US in a study that also shows that nearly a quarter of Africa’s rich have property locally. Important aspect of Kenya’s wood processing sector are wood carvings, which is estimated to utilize 600 tonnes of wood annually. The last five years has seen tremendous growth in the wood flooring sector as many move from the conventional tiles to wood blocks. There is growing optimism in the future performance of the wood coatings market as Kenya revives the stalled plans for the construction of two million additional housing units across the country’s urban areas with first 500,000 housing units expected by 2022.The industry produces approximately Kshs 4.5 billion of furniture per year and exports Kshs 0.2 billion. The sector contributes about 5% to the country’s GDP.

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Andrei Misunou

+49 6221 - 13 57 - 17 a.misunou(at)


  • Forstmaschinen
  • Trocknungsanlagen
  • Holzbe- und -verarbeitung
  • Papierproduktion und Zelluloseindustrie
  • Holzhausbau und Innenausbau
  • Umweltschutz, Nutzung und Recycling von Abfällen






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