All fields of agriculture and food industry are presented at the BELAGRO / Food Industry 2020 in Minsk, Belarus

The international trade fair BELAGRO / BELFARM (June 2-6, 2020, Minsk, Belarus) is the annual specialised platform in Central Eastern Europe for agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies, processing, transportation and storage of agricultural products. All fields of agriculture are presented, from tractors and soil tillage to harvesting technology, as well as transport and logistics. The focus is also on methods in plant cultivation and plant breeding. More than 540 companies from 29 countries participated in BELAGRO/BELFARM 2019 and showed their products on 30,000 sqm exhibition space.

The international exhibition Food Industry/Prodmash.Holod.Upak provides the ideal platform to showcase food processing and transportation solutions as well as packaging and storage of food products and beverages.

The Market:

Due to the steady growth and progress in the agricultural sector Belarus reached in the last decade a high level in the agricultural and food processing industry. The agricultural machinery manufacturing showed also a favourable progress. Government aids, a close cooperation with partners in the Russian Federation and the increase of the export activity were main triggers for this development. The location in direct neighbourhood to the EU countries and the integration in the tariff union with Russia and Kazakhstan are good conditions for the cooperation with European and other international partners in the agricultural economy and the agricultural machinery industry. Trade relations to Russia and Ukraine are of great importance for Belarus as most of the agricultural export goods are sold to those markets.


● Agricultural machinery and agricultural equipment
● Seeds, plants, fertiliser, grain technology
● Plant protection
● Environmental protection
● Livestock breeding
● Reproduction technology
● Feed producing and storage
● Veterinary medicine
● Milking and cooling equipment
● Animal housing and barn construction
● Biogas
● Food Processing Technology
● Microclimate and Cold
● Packaging and Label
● Food and Drink
● Beverage and Equipment

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