Deadline for international companies:  July 5th, 2019

AgriAsia India

Agricultural machinery, Plant Cultivation
September 6-8,
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India
Deadline for international companies: July 5, 2019

The Exhibition

AgriAsia, held once a year, is one of the leading international agricultural events showcasing international agriculture technologies in India. 200 companies from India and overseas did partcipate in this years exhibiton. The exhibition took most of 15.000 square meter exhibition space at the Mahatma Mandir Memorial Center.

Agri Asia 2018 has been visited by approx. 125.000+ visitors from entre India and abroad. The event is designed for farmers, agriculture business representatives, agronomists, associations, biotechnologist, government employees.


The Market

With a population of almost 1.31 billion people and a GDP of about 2.3 trillion USD (2016) India is one of Asia’s most attractive market. Agriculture employs more than half of the country’s population, most of which are small-scale and subsistence farmers. India is the second largest producer of rice in the world with an expected export volume of over 4 mio. tons in 2017-2018. Apart from rice, the main cash crops are wheat, cotton, cane, turmeric, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables.

Despite the fact that the Indian agro industry is largely supplied by the domestic companies, many new opportunities exist for foreign companies, especially, producers of modern technology and inputs. Due to limited availability of arable land against growing population, huge opportunities exists for inputs like seeds and plant growth nutrients.

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  • Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
  • Agro and Food Processing
  • Greenhouses
  • Plant Protection
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilizers & Chemicals
  • Organic Agriculture



200+ Exhibitors

8 countries

125000 visitors

sqm exhibition space


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