AgroExpoSiberia 2021

Agriculture, Animal husbandry
10 - 12 November
Novosibirsk, Russia

The Exhibition

Next November, AgroExpoSiberia will be held in parallel to the established regional trade fair “Siberian Agricultural Week” in Novosibirsk, the economic center of Siberia.

At the last „Siberian Agricultural Week“ in 2019, no less than 270 manufacturers and suppliers presented a wide range of new machinery, technologies and services for crop production and animal husbandry to appr. 7,000 trade visitors from the region and the neighboring countries of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. In addition, there will now be also the exhibitors and visitors of AgroExpoSiberia, which took place in Barnaul until 2019.

After an exhibition pause of almost two years, exhibitors and visitors ofboth events will benefit from a common platform in late autumn 2021. As usual, important questions of regional agriculture will be discussed in a forum accompanying the fair.

The virtual platform will go online on June 1, 2021. It will be available to exhibitors, visitors and other interested parties for the months up to the exhibition. Once you have registered, you as exhibitor can present your products and solutions with the help of texts, images and videos and interested potential clients may contact you directly, can ask questions about products and make appointments. The participation in the virtual platform is already covered by the registration fee for exhibitors at the trade fair. Exhibitors who only want to participate digitally can do so using a special registration form.

The Market

Novosibirsk is the economic center of the southern Siberia. The region accounts for 25.5% of the total area of Russia and 10.4% of the country‘s agricultural production. The Altai region, immediately south of Novosibirsk, is one of the largest grain producers in the Russian Federation. On her agricultural area of 11.6 million hectares, mainly cereals and pulses are grown, together with forage crops and vegetables. The region is also an important center of milk and meat production.

Numerous state investment projects are currently being started in southern Siberia. From January to November 2020 alone, farmers from Novosibirsk region received 2.5 billion rubles. The modernization process of the farms is in full swing. More than 1,700 new agricultural machines were sold in the region in 2020. The interest of domestic and foreign producers in the region is also very high due to the still great growth potential and the proximity to the agricultural markets of Central and South Asia.


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Tamara Machkhelyants

+49 6221-13 57-26 t.machkhelyants(at)


  • Agricultural machinery and inputs
  • Tractors and trailers
  • Logistic and transportation
  • Harveting and post-harvest equipment
  • Fertilizers, spreyers and spreaders
  • Irrigation technology, pumps
  • Plant protection, fertilizers and additives
  • Components and spare parts
  • Horticulture equipment and technology
  • Greenhouses, equipment and supply
  • Cooling and cold storage
  • Grain processing and storage
  • Animal housing
  • Cattle and poultry breeding
  • Feed production and storage
  • Feed additives and ingredients
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Manure handling and treatment
  • Milk and meat processing
  • Storage and cooling






sqm exhibition space


IFWexpo Heidelberg

The exhibition will be organized parallel to Siberian Agricultural Week (organizer – SVK LLC)