Agro + Food + Drink + Tech Expo Georgia 2016

Animal husbandry, Food Processing and Packaging
November 30 - December 02,
Tbilisi, Georgia

The Exhibition

The international specialised exhibition for agriculture, food products, packaging and food processing Agro+Food+Drink+Tech Expo Georgia in Tbilisi belongs to the most important exhibitions in the Caucasus region. The event has been taking place since 2000 yet and reflects the growing interest of international companies in Georgia.
The 15th International Exhibition for Agriculture, Food and Drink Products, Packaging and Processing Equipment attracted a record number of visitors – more than 5,000 – and 131 exhibitors from 16 countries, most notably from Georgia, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Poland, China. Having expanded to four halls and the entire outdoor space, the exhibition has become the biggest so far. The exhibition is organized by Expo Georgia and IFWexpo Heidelberg is the partner of the exhibition in Europe.
This year’s event was also exceptional thanks to several accompanying events such as Georgia Agro Forum and the conference “Diseases of animals”, high number of trade visitors and active official support from the government and international organizations. The visitors also included 2,500 farmers from all regions of Georgia who were transported to the exhibition by the organizers with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. Additionally, Expo Georgia arranged transportation for hundreds of farmers from Armenia and Azerbaijan to the exhibition grounds.

The Market

Thanks to the good climate, numerous plants can be grown in Georgia, in the first line wine, nuts and fruits. They make 60% of the agricultural exports of Georgia. Animal farmers, in the first line, poultry producers seek to integrate and intensify their production. Georgia exports mainly raw materials, many food products have to be imported to the country. That is why the government aims to increase the production standards as well as self-sufficiency.

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