Deadline for international companies: 01.09.2024

Automotive Industry 2024

Components and spare parts
23-25 September
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Deadline for international companies: 01.09.2024

The Exhibition

Welcome to Automotive Industry 2024 in Tashkent/Uzbekistan, the place where the players of Uzbekistan’s vibrant automotive sector gather annually. The largest exhibition of its kind in the country offers a unique platform for fresh insights into the Central Asian market. The show appeals to a growing number of customers for systems & components as well as spare parts and equipment for repair shops and production lines. Besides being in close contact with local car manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Hyundai and BYD, the organizers have personally visited virtually all dealerships, car repair & car wash businesses of Uzbekistan and South Western Kazakhstan. The show is being made popular by some of the most influential car bloggers of Central Asia with a follower based in the Millions. As a result the show was able to draw a crowd of 12 500 B2C and B2B visitors in 2023 and expects even more this September. Join us at Automotive Industry 2024 and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

The Market

For many the dynamic of the Uzbek automotive industry comes as a surprise. But the new mix of a fast growing economy, increasing consumer demand and a reform willing & export promoting government has put  Uzbekistan’s automotive industry on the map for companies from Europe, the US, Korea and China.

As the automotive sector continues to expand, driven by government initiatives and foreign investment, Uzbekistan is witnessing a surge in production facilities and automotive infrastructure. This growth is not only enhancing domestic manufacturing capabilities but also positioning Uzbekistan as a key player in the regional automotive market.

Statistic data of Uzbekistan market:

– More than 420.000 passenger cars produced in Uzbekistan in 2023, a 2-fold increase from 2018.

– More than 4.250.000 cars & motorized vehicles are owned by individuals, marking a 1.7-fold increase from 2018.

– Total import cars in 2023: 73.000, a significant 2.4 times more than in 2022.

– 30.000 electric cars in Uzbekistan, popular in a country relying on LNG driven cars, indicating a remarkable 24-fold  increase from 2021.

Forecast 2030:

Total car production: 1 Mio. cars worth 4,5$ billion

Total export: 0,3 Mio. cars worth 1,5 $billion

Join us as we navigate the dynamic world of Uzbekistan’s automotive market, where innovation, opportunity, and passion converge to drive the nation forward.

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Aleksandr Batalov

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  • Components
  • Spare parts



100 Exhibitors

12 countries

12500 visitors

7000 sqm exhibition space


Automotive Industry Tashkent