Deadline for international companies: 17.03.2024

Caspian Agro / InterFood Azerbaijan 2025

Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Food and beverage, Food Processing and Packaging
13-16 May
Baku, Azerbaijan
Deadline for international companies: 17.03.2024

The Exhibition

Caspian Agro / InterFood Azerbaijan in Baku is an international trade fair for agricultural technology, agricultural machinery, crop production, animal husbandry and food processing. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products, make new business contacts and exchange new ideas and technologies to strengthen their own position on the Azerbaijani and Central Asian markets. At the last Caspian Agro / InterFood Azerbaijan 500 exhibitors presented their latest products and technologies to 11,000 visitors. This time, Caspian Agro / InterFood Azerbaijan hosted national pavilions from Germany, Belarus, Georgia, Italy, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and Russia, as well as Tunisia and the Czech Republic.

The Market

With around 36.4% of all employees, agriculture is one of the most important economic sectors in Azerbaijan. Nine climate zones together with fertile soils and abundance of water create good conditions for profitable agricultural use. Over 50% of Azerbaijan’s total area consists of agricultural land (4.8 million hectares) with almost 39.6% being used as arable land.

Consumption of agricultural goods and food has increased by more than 50% in many categories over the past decade. However, domestic production of key food products has declined, resulting in an inability to meet market demand. As one of the leading agricultural and food producers in the CIS countries, Azerbaijan is striving to reduce the dependence of its domestic food market on imported products. The fallow pastures and arable land have begun to be reactivated for the cultivation of grain, sugar beets, animal feed, oil crops and potatoes. Agricultural parks are also being set up in order to bundle the previously very isolated agricultural production into larger structures for more profitable value creation.

The government has also taken a number of measures to improve the business and investment climate by providing subsidies and creating a solid institutional and economic foundation for further development. The food processing sector also represents an important part of the national economy, accounting for over 38% of the total manufacturing industry. Azerbaijan conducts intensive trade with the CIS countries, which are traditionally the largest buyers of agricultural and food exports from Azerbaijan. However, in recent years, the size of the foreign market has expanded now including countries in Europe, Asia and America.

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