Coex Food Week 2022

Food and beverage
2 -5 November
Seoul, South Korea

The Exhibition

The Coex Food Week is a platform that presents all areas of the food and beverage industry. From raw materials to machines, packaging, organic food, confectionery and pastries, the Coex Food Week has been offering all the most important trends in the food industry for 15 years.

In the middle of global COVID 19 pandemic, Coex Food Week 2021 had been held as off and online show successfully. Coex Food Week was the largest food exhibition in South Korea in 2021. More than 800 companies participated in the last edition of Coex Food Week. Foreign exhibitors from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Uganda, Ukraine, Ireland also participated in the offline show. Over 35,000 consumers visited the exhibition halls and more than 2,000 buyers joined our show through offline & online channels.

The Market

The food industry in korea has been recently characterized by:

  • An expansion of products that emphasize the exclusion of chemical additives in response to a heightened awareness and growing interest in health.
  • Increased public interest in HMR (Home Meal Replacement) which has good nutrition but convenient to cook.
  • An expanded market for cosmetic, functional foods.
  • An increased interest in foreign traditional and ethnic food in response to a diversification of dietary life and increased opportunities for overseas trips.
  • A growing interest in weaning foods and products for infants as well as the foods for seniors as a result of a sharp rise in elderly households.

Production in the Korean food industry has expanded considerably in recent years, growing by about 8.1% per year according to the Korea Food and Drug Administration.

Year                                      2010                                 2015                                 2019
Food Production                37.4 Billion USD          45.3 Billion USD            52.6 Billion USD
Food Ingredient                 16.5 Billion USD           25.1 Billion USD            29.3 Billion USD


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