Woodworking / BioEnergy 2016

Energy, Woodworking
September 27 - 30,
Minsk, Belarus

The Exhibition

The fair is the leading exhibition in Belarus covering both forestry and woodworking industry together with all issues of renewable energies like wood processing, production of wood pellets, biogas plants, wind energy, biofuels etc.
106 exhibitors from 12 countries in 2015 presented a wide range of woodworking machinery of key world companies, starting with the equipment for the primary sawing, wood drying and finishing with automated machining centers and production lines for furniture manufacture.

The Market

The Republic of Belarus is situated at the Eastern border of the EU adjacent to the markets in Russia and the Ukraine. With its 9 million inhabitants Belarus has an ideal geographic position as a unique link between Western and Eastern economic regions. A good developed infrastructure and the economic strength compared to other CIS states and the Ukraine make Belarus an attractive business partner. Belarus ranks among the 10 most important markets for woodworking machinery worldwide and hosts enormous timber resources. The Belarussian woodworking industry is, therefore, especially for European producers of machinery, equipment and technologies an market.
The Belarusian Government has taken extensive measures to protect the domestic forestry and woodworking companies. On January 1st, 2016 the export bans of the untreated wood came into effect and, hence, give new impulses to the woodworking and furniture industry. Furthermore, Belarus is striving to lower its dependence of the Russian oil & gas imports and, therefore, committed to implementing technologies for usage of renewable energies. The market, therefore, provides good opportunities for manufacturer of shredders, pelletisers, cattles for biogas plants etc.


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  • Woodworking and furniture production – machinery, equipment, instrument and technologies
  • Paintwork materials, glues, fillings, chemicals for wood protection
  • Finished articles - lumber, furniture articles; parquetry
  • Timber-harvesting works – machinery and equipment