Meat Industry / AgroProdMash 2016

Food Processing and Packaging
October 10 - 14,
Moscow, Russia

The Exhibition

AgroProdMash is the best exhibition for the food processing industry in Russia – the rating company RussCom IT analyzed and evaluated all exhibitions in Russia of the last two years. AgroProdMash ranks first of all food processing exhibitions in Russia regarding the number of exhibitors and visitors as well as represented countries. Producers and distributors of machinery for food processing gather yearly at AgroProdMash since 1996. Over 20,000 visitors not only come from the Russian regions but also from the surrounding CIS countries.

The Market

The Russian food industry still offers a big potential for international manufacturers of equipment and machinery for food processing. Due to the import ban on food products Russia urgently needs to compensate for the lack of food products by developing a competitive food processing industry. The Russian government, thus, has adopted an investment program planning to erect more than 400 projects in the fields of dairy industry, fruit processing as well as pig and poultry breeding.

The Russian food market is constantly growing. The Russian government set the goal to accomplish self-sufficiency with food products within the next years. However, the domestic production cannot deliver the required result as many machines and factories are out of date. Government aids shall contribute to the modernization of the sector. These supported programs are also beneficial for foreign producers of food processing machinery because the Russian engineering industry is not competitive and cannot provide the required equipment.


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