Anmeldeschluss für die internationale Teilnahme: 15.12.2016

15th International Exhibition of Accessories & Furniture Machinery, Equipment and Related Industries 2017

15. - 18. Februar
Tehran, Iran
Anmeldeschluss für die internationale Teilnahme: 15.12.2016

Die Veranstaltung

Industrial furniture as an early-return industry with good profitability in light of the public interest according to the manner and conditions of modern life has been able to make thousands of jobs as large and small industrial workshops across the country. It is obvious that supply and support of the manufacturers of this field is not possible without the presence of manufacturing companies, service and trade Machinery, Furniture Fittings and Equipment, therefore the economic boom in this sector is very high and the competition of business units in order to maintain existing markets and find access to new markets are remarkable achievements. In this regard holding the 15th International Exhibition of Tehran Accessories, Furniture Machinery, Equipment & related industries once again were causes that a group of top domestic and foreign manufacturers and traders revive furniture industry and interior decoration with their presence and offer the latest modern technologies in this sector. International Exhibition of Accessories, Furniture’s Machinery, Equipment and Related Industries, a 4- day exhibition, is the leading industry event of international importance in Iran in which wellknown manufactures and suppliers demonstrate up-to-date equipment and technologies for timber logging, woodworking, wood processing, accessories and furniture production.


Product Groups:

* Machinery and Line for production and cutting various types of wood,coated neopan , MDF and industrial boards.
*Machinery and production line for the wood industry ( milling, press and so on) , grooving , planing , CNC , fusing wood, brushing and profile.
*Machinery and production line for staples and needles of any type, nails, sharpening blade and various types of saturating devices, strip saws and diamond-coated saw blades.
*MDF, HDF , HPL, of any types, letron, laminated- coated and industrially compresses boards used in the furniture industry.
*Machinery and processing lines for wood such as CNC, design, turnery, multi-purpose carpentry machinery, press, electroplating, painting gadgets, printing and engraving.
*Raw materials and equipment for furniture industry like stone, glass, polymerized boards for furniture cover, cabinets, tables and so on.
*Raw materials and equipment for furniture industry like paint and resin of any kind, glue(binder)
*Veneers and wooden plates of any type
*Tool used in the wood industry of any kind consisting of cutting , pressing, clamping, planing and sawing devices.
*Various kinds of gears and accessories of furniture industry such as nails, rivets, nuts, handles, bands for seaming and the like.
*Disjointed components of furniture of any kind.
*Various tools for furniture industry like saws, files, planes, piercing and decorating the cutting blades.
*Covering of any type consisting of artificial or natural leather cloth and man-made coverings for furniture.
*Various materials for packaging furniture industry such as cartons, bubble bags and so on.
*Machinery for transferring materials and goods for transportation of any kind
*Binders of any kind
*administrative and industrial automation in the related area
*Specialized periodicals and journals
*Colleges,institutes and specialized training services

Der Markt

Population: 78.5 million (2015)
Area: 1,648,195 square kilometers
Population Growth Rate: 1.3%
Type of Government: Islamic Republic
National Currency: Rials
Official Religion of the Country: Islam
Capital: Tehran
Iran Economic Indices:
Gross Domestic Product based on Purchase Parity Power “PPP” in the year of 2014:
US$1,244.328 billion
Per Capita Gross Domestic Product based on Purchase Parity Power “PPP”: US$16,165
Shares of sectors from Gross Domestic Product:
Agriculture: 9%
Industrial Products Growth Rate: 4%
Trade exchanges with the world in the year of 2014 (Exports:
US$97.71billion; Imports: US$61.25billion)
Main Exports: Oil; petrochemical products; agricultural products; technical and engineering services,
fruits and nuts, carpet
Main Imports: Industrial raw materials; capital goods; foodstuff; technical and engineering services
Main Industry: petroleum, Petrochemicals, fertilizers, caustic soda, car manufacture,
Pharmaceutical, home appliances, electronics, telecom, energy, power, textiles, constructions, cement,
FBI stock: home: US$42billion
Abroad: 4billion

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  • Forestry Equipments
  • Woodworking Industry
  • Furniture